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What's Surface Treatment for Steel Fasteners?


ANODIZE: An Acid finish used on aluminum. Class 1 is a grayish yellow; Class 2 can be dyed a variety of colors. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties and abrasion resistance.

BLACK OXIDE: This black matte chemical finish adds no thickness to fasteners. It has minimal corrosion resistance but can be coated with a preservative (usually light wax) to further increase corrosion resistance. Can be used on all metals as a decorative finish.

BRIDGHT DIP: Used on brass to enhance its appearance. Does not add any physical properties other than brightening the color.

CADMIUM: This non-porous metallic plating is extremely durable in severe salt and humid environments. Cad 1 is silver-grayish-white; Cad 2 has an additional chromate coating either yellow-bronze or olive drab (dull olive) when specified. Cadmium is very toxic - avoid contact with food or beverages.

CHROMIUM : This lustrous plating leaves a beautiful mirror-like finish. It can be sued on most metals for excellent corrosion resistance but is fairly expensive.

IRIDITE : A chemical conversion coating for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Class 1 is gold color and provides good corrosion resistance when left unpainted. When used in conjunction with paint, it improves adhesion. Class 3 is a clear chemical film that provides corrosion resistance. It should be used when low resistant electrical contacts are required.

NICKEL : This finish is good for applications requiring a bright decorative appearance. Can be used on steel, brass, copper alloys, and zinc alloys. It is magnetic, has excellent wear resistance but is porous, and therefore has less corrosion resistance than cadmium. Color is similar to stainless steel but may be light, dull gray or almost white.

PASSIVATE : A nitric acid dip used for stainless steel to remove the small metal particles that will eventually begin to rust. By removing these chips, passivation allows the stainless steel to naturally form a protective film. Passivation does not change the color of the metal except to brighten and bring out the shine.

SILVER : A decorative finish with excellent rust resisting and anti-galling characteristics, especially at high temperatures. It also has good electrical conductivity qualities and therefore is often used in radio and electrical applications. The main drawback of silver plating is high cost.

SOLID FILM LUBE : This finish is also called "dry film lube". Usually for applications when a conventional lubricant is difficult to apply or for applications involving a sliding motion. This plating should be used when other lubricants may be contaminated with dirt or dust. Parts plated with solid film lube should be used within 12 months after application.

STAT (STATUARY) BRONZE : An electro deposited layer of copper over steel with an oxidizing agent applied to copper to blacken it. Mechanical burnishing obtains the antique effect. As a final step an air-dried, clear protective coating is applied.

TIN : This plating can be electro deposited or hot-dipped. The coloring is grayish-white. If a bright finish is desired, specify "Bright Tin Dip". Tin provides good corrosion resistance and meets the 24 hour 20% salt spray tests. It can tolerate organic acids and therefore is well suited to the food processing industry.

ZINC : A very popular plating which seems to be replacing cadmium in many applications where toxicity is a concern. It requires a thicker deposit to equal the corrosion resistance of cadmium. Zinc 1 is called zinc clear with a bright blueish0-white color. Zinc 2 has a chromate coating which adds additional corrosion protection and a yellow tint. Black Zinc can be used in applications requiring a black color with the need for better corrosion resistance than Black Oxide provides.


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