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What we need to be attention when use PC strand

Matters that should be noted when using steel strands
(1) Wood steel strands. There are two types of wood steel strands used in my country, namely ordinary wood steel strands and compressed wood steel strands.
(2) Steel bar or wire rope mortar steel strands. Cement mortar is used as the bonding agent between the steel strands and the surrounding rock.
(3) Inverted wedge metal steel strands. This type of steel strand was once one of the most widely used forms of steel strands. Because it is simple to process, easy to install, and has a certain anchoring force, this type of steel strand is still in use within a certain range.
(4) Pipe seam steel strands. It is a full-length friction anchored steel strand. This type of steel strand has the characteristics of simple installation, reliable anchoring, large initial anchoring force, and long-term anchoring force that increases with the movement of the surrounding rock.
(5) Resin steel strands. Using resin as a bonding agent for steel strands is relatively expensive.
(6) Rapid hardening expansion cement steel strands. Made of ordinary silicate cement or slag silicate cement with admixtures, it has the characteristics of rapid setting, early strength, water reduction, and expansion.
(7) Double-fast cement steel strand. It is made by mixing finished early-strength cement and double-fast cement in a certain proportion. It has the characteristics of fast hardening, fast setting and early strength.


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