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Rivet NutRivet Nut

Rivet Nut

  • Product Item : 1
  • Category: Bolts & Nuts
  • Material: 201/304/316
  • Size:M3-M48
  • Service: Customized
  • Product description:Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts Nutsert Threaded Rivet Insert Rivnuts

A Rivet Nut fastener is a tubular rivet with internal thread which can be installed in seconds form one side of the work. Once installed, no finishing work is required on the RIVNUT fastener.

Rivet Nuts also are used when an application has little or no access to the backside as they can be installed from the front side of the work piece.

The added benefit of not only being a dependable fastener, they are ready to use with clean threads available for screw attachments.

  • Material: 201/304 /316 Stainless Steel, corrosion resistant galvanized finish to ensure life-time use.
  • Widely used in machinery, plumbing, electrical,furniture and fencing projects ,They are used to cover exposed bolt threads.
  • Cap Nuts help prevent stripping of the threads and a provide a decorative appearance as a finishing fastener,protects against exposed screw threads.

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