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  • Cap Nut

Cap Nut

  • Product Item : 1
  • Category: Bolts & Nuts
  • Material: 201/304/316
  • Size:M3-M48
  • Service: Customized
  • Product description:Stainless Steel Hexagon Decorative Cap Nut for Screws Bolts Silver Tone

This acorn cap nut is a hex nut with an enclosed dome and it is partially internally threaded. The dome feature offers protection of exposed screw threads and a decorative appearance as a finishing fastener. The cap nut also protects from injury by covering exposed threads. Can be used in hobby and furniture projects, fencing, lawn or playground equipment or any application where a nut is required and a finished appearance preferred.

  • Material: 201/304 /316 Stainless Steel, corrosion resistant galvanized finish to ensure life-time use.
  • Widely used in machinery, plumbing, electrical,furniture and fencing projects ,They are used to cover exposed bolt threads.
  • Cap Nuts help prevent stripping of the threads and a provide a decorative appearance as a finishing fastener,protects against exposed screw threads.

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