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  • Carriage Bolt
Carriage BoltCarriage Bolt

Carriage Bolt

  • Product Item : 01
  • Category: Bolts & Nuts
  • Size: M3-M48
  • Material: 201,304,316
  • Serivces: Customized
  • Product description:Bolt is chosen because primarily of its resistance to corrosion, and not due to stainless steel bolt strength. Metal Bolt is typically unaffected by weak bases, but their resistance to attack by acids


Bolts – Studs – Sockets – Screws – Nuts – Washers – Threaded Rod – Anchor Bolts – Wedge Anchors – Custom Fasteners

Provide corrosion and chemical resistance and are suitable for general use. Commonly used in damp environments for corrosion resistance, popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, food processing, clean energy, etc.

For any application involving marine (salt water), use 201/304 / 316 Stainless Steel material, available as special order.

The smooth, non-serrated flange surface ensures superior force distribution over a greater area, eliminating the need for a separate washer. To be used with locking or non-locking nuts or in a tapped hole, commonly used on vehicle frames and various automotive applications.

flange bolts can be used with many different styles of locking and non-locking nuts to clamp tightly to whatever the bolt is being used to secure. A wrench is used to install and tighten hex flanged bolts.

Also known as Anti-corrosive external hex drive flange bolt, one-piece flange bolt for mechanical applications, non-serrated flange screw, external hex bolt with integral washer.


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