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  • Prestressed Round Anchorage
  • Prestressed Round Anchorage
  • Prestressed Round Anchorage
Prestressed Round AnchoragePrestressed Round AnchoragePrestressed Round Anchorage

Prestressed Round Anchorage

  • Product Item : 09
  • Category: PC Strand
  • Material:C45/40Cr
  • Anchor Type:Single hole or multi holes
  • Surface treatment: Black/Galvanized
  • Special demand: Customized
  • Product description:Round Anchorage System can be applied in post tensioning fixed and stressing end.Normally used for bridge construction tensioning. We can supply YJM series anchor block from 1 strand to 55 strands.

Details about Prestressed Round Anchorage

Application:Bridge, Building, Highway, Railway, etc

Material:45# or 40Cr


Surface treatment: galvanized or Boiled black

Product Type:Multi Holes(1-50 holes)

package : Wooden box

Our Prestressed Anchor system including work of anchor plate terminal,work clip,and spiral ribs. 13 serie Prestressed Anchor suit for 12.7mm-15.2mm strand and 15 series Prestressed Anchor suit for 15.2mm-15.7mm strand

Deatails of each part of Mono strand Anchorage System

Anchor head

Anchor Weges(grip)

Spiral bar

Bearing plate


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